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Eve and Samson

Day 15

Samson got tangled in a web of intrigue today, when Eve asked him for a foot massage, just one day after his marriage proposal had been turned down by Martha.

Jezebel overheard and conveyed the news to Martha, in the hope of making her jealous. "Eve has designs on your man... or what was your man," she said.

Martha was not impressed – with Jezebel. Talking to Samson later at the bar (where she had poured herself a shot of Macallan 18 Year single malt) she said that Jezebel's very presence offended her, adding, "I just didn't expect to have to deal with petty malevolence on board."

Samson explained that he was giving Eve some help, elaborating: "My idea of help will help her SOLE, not hurt her SOUL." This was somewhat less than truthful, since he had earlier declared to Eve: "What I WANT is to have my way with you." Eve's response: "I think you can give me one... a shoulder rub, that is."

However, Martha was satisfied with Samson's explanation, and poured Eve a relaxing drink. Once Martha left the room, Samson invited Eve to brace herself against the wall while he proceeded to give the Progenitrix of all Humankind a relaxing shoulder massage. Eve was heard to comment, "Mmmmmmmmm."

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