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The chapel

Day 14

Tonight saw the debut of the Ark's chapel, as, while nobody was looking, the Living Room vanished to be replaced by a Bell-Smells-and-Animals chapel sanctuary!

Most of the arkmates were in awe of the room's literally miraculous transformation, except for Jezebel: "Whoever decorated this room should be fired," sneered the queen.

The service began shortly afterwards with a stirring homily from Moses, where he revealed his own recent crisis of faith to the others and explained how he got through it: "I'm learning to trust and believe in him without all the power stuff going on. Following hiim and trusting him has been a *choice*, an act of faith, rather than as a result of seeing Him 'do the stuff'."

Mary followed with a New Testament talk, bringing into the mix an analogy based on a scene from the film Schindler's List: "If someone commits a crime and the authority punishes him for it, that's not power. That's justice. But say someone commits a crime and they drag him before the emperor thinking he's doomed, and the emperor pardons him – that's power."

"When he was dying, they said, if you're so special, you could get down off that cross. And he could have. But he didn't, because he understood the power of what he was doing. He knew the difference between power and justice and he made his choice."

Martha finished with a short and touching prayer.

Throughtout the service, Maggie, Martha and Moses were constantly interrupted, heckled and mocked by Jezebel. Jezebel was forced to pursue her plan of wrecking the service on her own, since Neb had not only refused to help, but had even warned the others earlier today of what Jezebel was planning. Despite Jezebel's disruption, the service was a success.

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