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Samson and Martha

Day 14

In an emotive conversation in the Study today, Martha revealed to Samson her decision, after his proposal of marriage last week.

"I've thought about your proposal of marriage... and while I'm flattered... oh dear... I'm going to have to say... no."

Samson, stunned, found himself speechless. "I'm so sorry," Martha continued. "I wish that I could be the woman that you marry, because she'll be so lucky, but I'm not the right woman for you. Marriage isn't what God has in mind for me right now."

The broken-hearted strong man was still able to defend Martha's honour. "You were the soul of propriety," he said. "If anyone says you led me on I'll kill him," he added. "Slowly."

Samson denied that he was angry at his almost-fiancee: "I could never be angry with you, precious."

Martha left her admirer to be alone in the bar. As Martha left, Eve came in, unaware of what had just come to pass. "How do you feel about men who cry?" he asked her.

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