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Neb in the hot seat

Day 4

Our resident megalomaniac, Nebuchadnezzar, faced a hard time yesterday as he finally met with God in the Crow's Nest. Neb asked if God was the God of Syria, Edom, Moab and Israel. When the Almighty answered in the affirmative, Neb replied, "All of them?? I conquered them, so I must be more important than you!" This didn't go down too well.

"Neb?" stated the Lord in a still, small voice, "How long can you tread water?"

Neb, still not cowed, took a different tack. After talking about his plans for installing a log flume in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, he continued, "So how come I can't see you? All the other gods have little idols."

God's reply seems to have settled the issue. "Did you see Raiders of the Lost Ark?" he asked casually. "At the end, they get a glimpse of me and turn into a pile of goo on the floor. I'm thinking that's a good look for you. Start praying."

Will Neb incur divine wrath? Are thunderbolts on the cards for the erstwhile King of Babylon? Keep watching, smiting fans!

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