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Job in the Crow's Nest

Day 2

For the next few nights, God will be holding personal audiences with our Divine Dozen in the Crow's nest. True to form, He'll be pulling them in two by two, and on Monday night, the first Arkmates up were Job and Martha.

Asked by God how the sores were, Job said that while they weren't as bad as they were, they still caused a little discomfort "in the personal areas". God, moving in ways even more mysterious than usual, suggested He refer Job to Michael Jackson't plastic surgeon. Job balked at this. "Homeopathy is more my thing," he said.

Later, when Job asked, "What's with my ears? They stick out more than Prince Charles's," God responded, "I could ask Michael's surgeon to have a look at them."

"Let's not go there," said the dour one. "I'd end up looking like a doberman."

Still, Job was able to muse on what he wanted out of the Ark. "Maybe just a happy outlook on life... that would be a good outcome," he said. "Sure... optimism, good taste, gentleness, humility." Will Job's view of his Arkmates be as positive? Stay tuned.

Martha, meanwhile, engaged in a heart to heart with the Almighty, agonising about why her sister got all the attention and giving her philosophy on life: "I just can't see how being idle accomplishes anything that work can't."

While God pointed out that there's a great deal of difference between being idle and listening, Martha found this unsatisfactory: "But Mary can't seem to do anything but LISTEN when she's listening," she said. "She can't even KNIT. How practical is that?"

Martha, when asked what she wanted to get out of the voyage, gave this answer: I have so many questions about things... it seems I could learn a little perspective. From everyone on board." The question is, with people like Neb and Jospeh on the Ark, what's your perspective going to look like, Martha?

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