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Day 0

From the beginning on the Ark our two New Testament theological giants took an immediate dislike to one another.

Even before they approached each other, Simon Peter looked over at Paul and asked Ark Angel Gabriel, "who's the guy with the porno 'tache?" And from there, things took a nosedive.

When the two of them started talking, the sparks really began to fly. Paul decided to start an argument about how many more people he'd converted than Peter. Things had descended to name-calling by the time the Ark Angel called everyone to the bedrooms. "Look, Peter, I told you to your face already you're a hypocrite," said Paul. Simon Peter responded: "Oh, just shuttup, willya!"

Later, in a frank and open conversation about love and marriage, Paul gave Samson the skinny about how it was probably better to avoid coupling up, and the real reason why he never got married ("I like to leave my underwear on the floor and there's none of that with a woman").

Samson later asked Peter what the deal was with Paul. Simon Peter: "I think he's a tad repressed. Or has a stick up his arse, or summat."

Definitely a relationship to watch.

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*Samson not drawn to scale