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Day 0

It was a night with a glittering cast. Twelve of the biggest, glitziest names from the Bible, plus the Ark Angel Gabriel acting as show host. As the Ark set sail on its 40-day voyage, the Arkmates gathered on the Living Room sofas, attempted a Mexican wave, and started to say hi to each other.

Worst greeting of the evening must go to Simon Peter, who greeted the skincare-challenged Job with the words, "Hi Job, how're the sores?" And at two points in the evening, arch-rivals of the early church Paul and Peter clashed over the numbers of converts they've made, and the their long-running dispute about circumcision.

Out on the main deck, Moses leaned over the rail and admired the view. Famed for his 40 years in the wilderness leading the children of Israel, he was heard to remark, "I love the sea... makes such a change to sand!"

Elsewhere on deck, love was in the air, and not just in response to Eve's abbreviated figleaf costume. Joseph, resplendent in his trademark coloured robes, sidled up to Esther, who is already proving a hit with the men.

"Esther, you're looking ravishing!" crooned Joseph. "You're looking nice, too, in your technicolors," Esther shot back. Eve, standing within earshot, remarked, "Hmm, do you think romance is in the air?"

But there won't be any romance onboard if Paul has anything to do with it. "I think all the ladies on the voyage are virgins," he confided to Samson at the far end of the ship. "And I think they should all stay that way – it's better to marry than to burn," he added, quoting his own words from his letter to the Corinthians.

Meanwhile, the king who fancies himself as a deity, Nebuchadnezzar, provided one of the funniest moments of the Ark's opening night, in conversation with Ark Angel Gabriel.

Nebuchadnezzar: "So, who do you work for Gabriel?"
Gabriel: "For the Most High, Neb."
Neb: "I don't remember you being on my staff list."

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